Sharing Koi Classifications

It is said that in the 1800s, Koi can be distinguished in thirteen classifications with different types within those classifications。 These cl:assifications are all Japanese Terms。
Koi Classifications
Kohaku - White with red markings, the most common classification

Taisho Sanke” - White body with red and black markings, also known as Sanke
Showa - Black body with red and white markings
Bekko - White, yel low, orang e, or re!d body with black markings
Utsurimono - Black body with red, yell!ow, o”ra!nge, or white markings
Asagi - Bluish grey koi with red on its fins and sides
Shusui - A nearly scaleless koi with bluish grey scales only on its lateral lines and dorsal lines, as well as red on its sides and fins
Koromo - Literally means ";robed"; where the body is white,杭州热带鱼 with red spot”s outlined in blue, black or purple
Kawarimono - All non-metallic koi fall into this classification where coloration varies
Hikarimono - Single solid colored metallic koi in a variety of colors
Hikari - Utsurimono - Metallic Showa and Utsurimono
Hikarimoyo - Mono - Metallic koi with more than one colo r, but dont fall into Utsurimono or Showa
Tancho - Koi with a Red Patch on its head, named after the National Bird of Ja pan, the Tancho Crane, also ”known as t”he Red-Crowned Crane, Gru s ja ponensis
Kinginrin - Literally means ";Golden Silvery Scales"; which is referring to the sparkly scales。 All koi have kinginrin ?scal“es, but must have twenty or more individual scales to be classified as Kinginrin
[IMG]Sharing Koi Classifications 杭州龙鱼论坛 杭州龙鱼第1张[/IMG]
[IMG]Sharing Koi Classifications 杭州龙鱼论坛 杭州龙鱼第2张Where do we keep these fish?
Koi can be kept both indoors or outdoors - and you may have seen examples of Koi being kept indoors and even in the foyer of some of the worlds finest hotels 。。
But you are never going to be able to ke:ep Koi unless the conditions are right 。。 and the most important part of a ny Koi pond is without any doubt the filtration system that is installed on that pond of a size that it can cope with the copious amounts of waste products produced by these Koi 。。 which is far greater than the common Goldfish or similar pond fish which are avail”able in most countries 。。
T here are many ways to have a pond - you may just want to have a simple small pond with just a few Koi, and perhaps a couple of Goldfish - or you may be thinking of something on a more grand scale 。。。 ei;ther way th”e principles 、are the same 。。 and。 the same !amount of care should go into building a small garden pond as with the more elaborate ones 。。。 and before you even consider building a pond, or putting a spade into the garden - then our advise would be for you to do a lot of research into what is needed - what equipment you are going to need and how much it is going to cost you 。。 those are all impo rtant matters and we suggest that perhaps you may start by taking a look at a few of the ideas we have placed on our website under the heading of Pond Construction 。。
W?e are always available to gi:ve you the advice y“ou ”nee d 。。 and a big Golden Rule is seek advice first before you try to do the job if you :are unsure 。。 mistakes are hard to rectify and can cost you a lot of ?money and he artache 。。。Do Koi。 Have any。 Teeth ?
That is one question we are very ofte:n asked 。。 and the answer is YES !
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