Advice needed for newb杭州雪玉七彩鱼ie

ㄨ≡╬╭ㄨ≡╬╭ㄨ≡╬╭Ive just started to get interested at arowana。
A friend offered me a tank thats hes selling off real cheap。

Pls see the pics below to have a better idea
Advice needed for newb杭州雪玉七彩鱼ie 杭州龙鱼论坛Originally Posted by khoodennis Additives!
What brand of anti chlorine would be good? This is a no-bra!iner。 I only use Seachem Prime。 Ma ny o;thers use 。it as well。 I dont know much about other brands。
Originally Posted by khoodennis Would the pix below works? Running it trough a charcoal filter。。。
Im not sure what this is。 Doesnt seem necessary for a tank with only one fish。
Originally Posted by khoodennis、 Dried Ketapang leaves。。。 I r?ead this s。omewhe re。 Place in for how long?
Anything else needed/good? You dont need ketapang leaves for your Red。 Im not too sure of the properties of ketapang but Im sure others here can advise on this。
Originally Posted by khoodennis Lighting!
What color code to buy?
How many sticks?
Any recommendation for a good brand or mix?
If mix turn all on at the same time or 1 at a time?
Does I need to set timer? Recommended time?
Need submerged lighting? For Reds most hobbyists have a tanning regime。 Per?so,nally I have never believed in tanning fishes so I dont have must input。 If you want to simply view your fish, get a 5ft long light set and just use either T8(not very bright but less expensive on your electricity bill) or T5(strong light but more expensive on your bill)。
I would personally go for T5。 Alternatively you can consider using LED which is less costly per month but usually more expe nsive to purchase from the start。 They also emit less heat which is a g”ood thing。 If youre good with your hands you can even DIY your own LED light set。 There is a thread here on how to make your own set!
Originally Posted by khoodennis Choosing the right fish!
Whats there to look out for?
Its hard to tell if its still small but is there any particular thing that I should take note? Dont let what people say here influence your purchasing of a long-term pet。 There are many different standards that different hobb yists look out for。 Some like spoonheads, others like bulletheads。 There are also Super Reds(deep red) and Chilli Reds(more oran。Advice needed for newb杭州雪玉七彩鱼iege)。 Just buy a fish that stands out immediately when you see it。 Like when you look at it after looking at h?undreds of others, you just know thats the one you want。
But the bottom line is to love your fish and make sure its healthy when you buy i t。 R equest for a feeding。 A hungry fish is usually a healthy fish!
Originally Posted by khoodennis Shopping!
Where is the best place to find those stuff,s? Best under 1 roof
Got any good online shop for arowana? Youre from Msia :so I dont k。now where to buy stuff over there。 But if you come to Singapore then there are lots of ;farms to choose from。 As for shops that have ever“ything you can vis it Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2。 There are 3 shops there that sell everything youll need!
You can al!so book appointments with farm,s such as Dragon Fish Industry (DFI), Dreamfish, Pang Long Arowanas or visit places like Arowana Kingdom (AK) or Blue Crystal Aquarium。 These shops specialize in Arowanas and will have lots of Reds for you to choose from!
I cant thank you enough to all。。。
Kai sia。。。 Surely Ill upd!ate when everything is done
Think the only things you have to learn is the Water in the Aquarium Tank。 Recently just watch a Youtube video of a guy that love Arowana so much that he have about 40 pieces in his house。 Keep a very beautiful Red Arowana for 6 years。
Saw a clip that how they shift the Big 2Ft Red into the new tank。。。。 a few days later。。。。。 gone。 Pretty sad to see it go。
Whatever the reason, even an experience fish keeper will make the same mistake。
As long as you take note of the water condition。 Should be pretty easy to keep this type of fish。 Happy Fish Keeping。。 Cheers。。
Agree with b,ro MaxXing。
Please pardon my words bro Khoodennis 。。。。 are you a newbie in fish-keeping? You asked so many questions from pu!mp to anti chlorine to filter to media to lights to fish???
If yes, then I suggest you start from the basic by learning how to manage wat er parameters and dont care about other things like lights, p ump,杭州雪玉七彩鱼 etc。 Start with a green or banj ar aro, cheaper investment。 There are a lot of previous threads here, teaching newbie how to manage water。
A normal sponge filter and pump can also start aro-keeping and learn how to manage good water parameters。
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