Chapalang Louhan

Chapalang LouhanChapalang LouhanNow very bad some lfs i visit selling all kind of unknown breed louhan even the lfs boss cant name it just said it is louhan。 Could they be named as zz if unknown。 From indonesia ?
This tank got very nice chapalang fh of many kin d。
Chapalang Louhan 杭州龙鱼论坛 杭州龙鱼第1张

Photo to be continue。
More photo continued。 See them on spot 、is nicer than photo。
Bought this tiny fella back。 Whi te eye fellla, cant fin:d a monkey and unknown breed too but look nice。
I second that。 Nowadays, most of LFS machiam deserted。 Supporter like me had lost the interest to go LFS hopping and had scaled down livestock drastically。 Apart from my, tag team 2x aros, 2x albino pleco for cleaning internal glass of tank and a yellow parrot as aros tankmate, the rest of my b ig eat,er fishes like rays, azul pbs and tigers all have been scraped。 My tank dun need anymore tankmates, so i dun need to visit LFS liao even if just to look c look c。。。。
!From the pics, all those chapalang louhan could be carefully selected and must be selling at good price cos dun seems to see any of them with potential kokhead feature。。。 With spare tank, buy and tikum tikum play play bol!eh、 lah。。。
pictures; not t o”o clear if see on the spot inside got some SB, got silk, silk crossed zz of yellow, red, b”rown, got! fa:der, so me w hite eyes。 M:any variety。 Price w ise for a; juv FH is reasonable。 Some have potential kok。 so not bad ;if you want 、tikum。
If got spare tank will be nice to choose。Some of them look very nice indeed。
Originally Posted by Nj76 If got spare tank will be nice to choose。Some of them look very nice indeed。 Yeah, thinking of getting one more。
do update on the progress。 tfs
Originally Posted by KFan do update on the progress。 tfs Was there again, saw jCAsa metallic silk up to face but didnt got: it。 A kaki was there to tikum the female, h:e picked two, o“ne fader and one: metallic。 Please noted that these are mixed cross fh and not those rd, kf, kkf, kfml, ml, zz。 But to me even those are hybird as long as it is fh, agreed?
Sharing my tikum。
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